Friday, 31 December 2010

INTERVIEW: Vjera Vilicnik

I managed to steal a few precious moments of designer VJERA VILICNIK's time over Christmas to ask her about her upcoming London Fashion Week debut and what inspires her. Clasically trained at the prestigious Ecole Lesage, Vjera takes traditional embroidery methods and incorporates them into modern tailored designs.She's a lovely person and is truly one to watch in fashion...

Where do you get most of your inspiration?

 In surrounding that in some way catch my imagination.
 I have to be emotionally involved with the theme, with what pushes the collection forward in order to fully dedicate myself to the story. Every collection is a love story, a poem, not written, but created, and each collection is handed out to the public as a bit of me. Every season I fall in love with a muse,song,colour or shape, and the collection tells the story of my relationship with the inspiration from wonderful beginning, through raw passion , to the saddest end.

Wow! So what prompted you to start your own fashion label?

 I had a big support from my family and close friends, and their belief in me helped with the sleepless nights and keeping my focus. Having a strong vision also helped. I have many stories to shares, and  I was very blessed that the public responded so well with the collections so far.

Great! Hopefully that will continue at Fashion week! Describe the person you are designing for? 

 The woman in my mind, my muse, is a woman full of contradictions, but they are not really opposed to each other.
Charlotte Gainsbourg
She is a girl becoming a woman that still dances the night away. She is a hard working woman, and a gentle lover. She is always kind, but strong and can hold a conversation on every topic. She loves reading big fat books, and  having coffee with friends.
She lives in a big city, and loves dusk when all the city is bursting with light and adrenalin...               but she dreams of moving to the country side and making her own jam.
 She recognises quality and appreciates creative process. My person is a person that most of all is a real woman but she creates her own world of endless posibillities.

So ideally, which celebrity would you love to see wearing your designs?

I would love to bring back Edith Piaf to life and see how she behaves today. I love Charlotte Gainsbourg, her fragility contrasts with her strength and her loveliness with her awkwardness. Outside of the celebrity world, it is my sister who is a real loving hero of mine, and who I would name my muse.

Edith Piaf who Vjera would love to meet and dress
What has been the high point of your fashion career so far?

  Every time I hand stitch the label on the finished garment, I realize how happy I am that the customers recognized a good product and share my aesthetic. Without the lovely Vjera Vilicnik supporters, all this wouldn't be possible and I thank them for that.

Where do you see your designs in 5 years’ time?

 Hopefully I will have my own little shop by then, work on collections with the same passion and grow from strength to strength. It would be a dream come true if designing eventually becomes a steady income.

What are looking forward to most about LFW?

 I can't wait to showcase a new collection, to meet new people and get into the unknown. Being in a new environment scares me, but also pushes me forward and makes me work even harder.
What advice would you give to other aspiring independent designers?
 Work hard! Be sure that being a designer is what you really want, most of anything. There are so many talented people out there, especially in London, so be aware that it will be hard, but even more rewarding.

Vjera Vilicnik will showcase her latest collection at the Charing Cross hotel, Strand on Saturday 19th February 2011 as part of LGN Events off-schedule London Fashion Week catwalk show - A LA MODE. 

Press and buyers wishing to attend should contact Tickets for the general public are VERY limited but can be purchased here

Wednesday, 29 December 2010

If I Were A Boy...

No, I have not become a Beyonce fan (kill that thought right now and stamp on it til you never knew it existed. Serious.) I just thought I would take the time to compile a little menswear post as I have recently noticed the lack of published material for the alternative young man. Jake (the BF...if you follow me on Twitter you will have heard of him. Big guy. Good cook.) wears a lot of the stuff I would so love to work if I were a boy and I noticed he never has a decent place to browse for all the stuff he'd like. Sure he can visit all his usual haunts (most of which will be linked below) but wouldn't it be nice if he could get them all in one place? Maybe I'll start something.....but not today. So here's a smorgasbord of shit we like. Enjoy :)



This blog post is dedicated to Jake (who is still alive incase "that" was implied).

Monday, 20 December 2010

A LA MODE Tickets are now on sale

A VERY LIMITED number of tickets are available to purchase for fashion enthusiasts to attend the exciting two night event in February 2011's AW11 London Fashion Week. Showcasing a smorgasbord of edgy emerging designers from around the world, the A La Mode show is fast becoming the go-to show for tomorrows next big name in fashion. Previously launching designers such as Amato Couture, Jonathan Liang and Valery Kovalska into the London spotlight, this season is one not to be missed.

Amato Couture, Sept 2010
Jonathan Liang, Sept 2010

Valery Kovalska, Sept 2010

ABOVE: Previous Designers at the off schedule London Fashion Week Show - A LA MODE

For your ticket to London Fashion Week's hottest show, Click on the link below (this ad will also appear on my blog as a banner ad...spread the word!) Tickets will sell out FAST so don't hang about!

Thursday, 16 December 2010


I mentioned a few posts back (in the wolf&badger post I believe?) that I recently did some modelling for Jackie Dixon, esteemed photographer and stylist, and her latest project for Giorgio Armani Spectacles. I travelled up to Notting Hill and posed in, incidentally, the same alley I did the show me your wardrobe shoot in...that lady sure loves the back alleys! Anyway, here is my pic for the shoot, feel free to head over to the website here and like my pic :)


INTERVIEW with Dima Ayad

Dubai based designer Dima Ayad (try saying that quickly!) will be showcasing at A La Mode in February 2011. She's an inspiring designer who believes that the female form should be championed, not scrutinised. Her pieces reflect this and accentuate assets whilst concealing lumpy bits! Pretty sure her work will appeal to the majority of us girls...AM I RIGHT!? Before I get too Oprah, here are the results of when I sat down for 5 minutes of interrogation about her upcoming collection and what inspires her...

Where do you get most of your inspiration?

It really does vary, sometimes it’s an emotion, other times an artist. Some of it stemmed from my mother’s vintage wardrobe or what I distinctively remember her wearing when I was growing up. The autumn-winter collection was inspired by defined lines – triangles. The power of 3 comes across a lot throughout the entire collection. Sharp, metallic and striking.

What prompted you to start your own fashion label? 

Ever since I was 20, I used to design my own eveningwear based on the lack of evening dresses that suited my liking. I wanted them to flow effortlessly, and I wanted them to accentuate my assets and hide my wobbly bits. That was a challenge and the prices of the gowns I did find were extortionate. After a few years, many would ask where I bought my dresses from, and when I said I designed them they asked if I could help them design and oversee one of their own. This extended to my family and friends. 10 years later, I decided to give this fashion thing a go, and here I am!

Describe the person you are designing for? 
She’s urban, a city girl, has a full time schedule, doesn’t stare at the mirror for too long, wants things to fit without having to starve before she wears the outfit. She’s always on the go, and effortlessly elegant. She doesn’t wear too much makeup, and believes that simplicity does stand out. She likes the dress to speak for her.

Which celebrity would you love to see wearing your designs?

They’ve become a few. Julia Roberts, Kate Winslet, Christina Hendricks. These actresses feel real both on and off screen.

What has been the high point of your fashion career so far? 

Calls and e-mails from women who wore pieces from my collection, who’ve told me stories that boosted their confidence, made them feel beautiful, and e-mails asking when the next collection will be released! Recently I received a call from a lady who called me to say that thanks to 3 of my dresses for her sister’s wedding occasions, she felt wonderful, comfortable, and she stood out of the crowd.

Where do you see your designs in 5 years’ time?

I see them in various department stores around the world I hope. I see the collections evolving by slowly adding new types of garments into the mix as the collections go by. 

What are looking forward to most about LFW?

Wow, the experience to start off with. London is my favourite city in the world, literally. I spent my summers there since I was 3, and it’s now become my city for fashion, friends, inspiration, and relaxation.
Being with other peers who, like me, are up and coming, I’ll learn a lot from that. Meeting interesting people and seeing the value of brand Dima Ayad in the global spectrum of fashion, where I need to improve, and what it’s going to take to get there will such an eye opener.
And, that there will be one (or many) buyers in that audience thinking, “We like Dima Ayad.”

What advice would you give to other aspiring independent designers?

You’ve chosen a challenging yet utterly rewarding industry to be a part of. Don’t give up no matter what! If you believe in it, it will happen!!!!
Coming from a background that is not fashion-oriented, at first your confidence isn’t the greatest since other fashion designers have studied draping, mastered drawing, and lived and breathed this industry. Yet still, believing is seeing results of your hard work.

 Dima Ayad's latest collection can be seen at the Charing Cross Hotel on Saturday 19th February 2011 as part of LGN Events' off schedule show - A La Mode

Press and buyers wishing to attend should contact

Monday, 13 December 2010

It may not be snowing outside...

...but these lovely polar bear cupcakes sure don't seem to mind! These red velvet cakes made by my own fair hands were inspired by the amazing book Hello Cupcake which I was given for my birthday after I made a Snorlax (Pokemon) and a ballet shoes cake :) I'm very proud of all my cakes but these polar bears are just TOO. CUTE. *proud*

Merry Christmas readers :)



Jin Joo Ma's label MAJINJOO is set to storm the Catwalk  at LGN Events' off-schedule LFW Show A LA MODE in February 2011. I managed to distract her from work on her very exciting new collection for 5 minutes to ask her a few questions about her inspiration and plans for the future...

Where do you get most of your inspiration?
Charles Freger
I always try to get inspiration from anywhere and anything. But it seems to be a much more powerful effect on design when I experience an unexpected situation, for example, I have stumbled upon unique pleats in crumpled tissue paper in a trash basket.
Elliot Erwitt
What I have been impressed by lately is the people in Elliot Erwitt and Charles Freger’s photographs. It is enjoyable work for me to combine images from the outside with my imagination.

What prompted you to start your own fashion label?
Weirdly, I’ve been thinking this job is just me since childhood. It is kind of my responsibility and what is the most important thing is that it brings me the moments the most alive and happy in my heart. It would be hard to realize it without the support and encouragement I get from my parents and hubby. I always appreciate them.

Tilda Swinton
Describe the person you are designing for?
I hope she is born to be elegant and humorous. She doesn’t wear too many trends but knows what the chic is. And the most essential thing is that she is wise with a truly sweet heart.

Which celebrity would you love to see wearing your designs?
Tilda Swinton and Charlotte Lucy Gainsbourg. Both of them are actresses who I have loved for a long time and are my muses. They are just the same images as those in the person I described before. 

Where do you see your designs in 5 years’ time?
My designs have attracted a lot of press and I have received many proposals from stylists and photographers, but I think that it is more crucial for people to relate to my designs because I am a designer who makes people feel desire to wear mine. So, it would be the very first step to work out my signature design and how to communicate with customers. As I have studied in London, it may be that my designs are best tailored to the European market but I’d like to work globally as a London-based designer. 

What are looking forward to most about LFW?
I hope I can hear the comments from many presses and buyers. These can be hard moments as a designer but it definitely will help to get positive feedback on my work.

 What advice would you give to other aspiring independent designers?
There are plenty of successful fashion designers and designs. Following trends is like a flood that you can get lost in.  Establish your own signature design so you don’t lose the core. That will be your asset.

ABOVE: MAJINJOO's Graduate Collection from the London College of Fashion.

MAJINJOO's latest designs can be seen at The Charing Cross Hotel, Strand on Friday 18th February 2011 as part of LGN Events' A La Mode show. Press and buyers should contact for more information

Monday, 6 December 2010

"Conforming Is The Kiss Of Death" - Interview with ALANA HALE

With February's London Fashion Week now in our sights (so soon!!??), I managed to squeeze in a few sneaky Q's with Los Angeles based designer Alana hale who will be presenting her latest edgy yet hugely wearable AW11 collection at the A La Mode show in February. She's an inspiration to all young designers and a true gem in today's fashion industry showing that if you believe you can make it, that's all you need. Ladies and Gents, I give you Alana Hale...

So living in such a vibrant city, you must be constantly bombarded with ideas! Where do you get most of your inspiration?
Being a creative person I am constantly inspired. It would be a lie for me to give you an easy, straightforward answer on this. What has most inspired me up to this point is old Hollywood icons, renaissance art, wardrobes of European royalty throughout history and old world architecture. That’s just naming a few- the list grows everyday. My inspiration is constantly evolving and that’s what keeps the looks fresh.

What prompted you to start your own fashion label?
I’ve wanted to have my own fashion label since elementary school when I learned what it was. I would play dress up, put together outfits, and noticed every little detail of the other outfits around me. And when one of my mom’s friends, who was an amazing seamstress, offered to make me whatever I wanted to play dress up in, well that was the birth of my life of design. I designed fur and sequin cocktail dresses, tulle ball gowns and wild hats- not knowing I’d one day rework those very outfits for a runway show.
After design school I worked as an assistant designer for about a year and a half and when I felt I had learned all I needed to, I branched out on my own. I certainly hadn’t learned as much as I thought I had but I wouldn’t change a thing. Having my own fashion label is all that makes sense… I can’t see myself doing any different.

Can you describe the woman you are designing for?
The Alana Hale woman is fun, vivacious, sensual, fashion-forward, and confident in a way she doesn’t dress for anyone else but herself. These clothes are for innovators and most certainly no girl who wants to blend into the crowd. 

Alana would love to dress Blake Lively

Which celebrity would you love to see wearing your designs?

Blake Lively would be the perfect poster-child for Alana Hale. She is the Alana Hale woman: She’s America’s fashion-forward sweetheart with such magnetism that everything she puts on turns to gold. I think Carey Mulligan and Alexa Chung have incredible style and would love to dress them.
And among the “Dream Team” would be Sarah Jessica Parker, Lady Gaga, Anna Dello Russo, and Daphne Guinness. They are on my all-time-best-dressed list because every outfit is impeccable and you can really tell they love fashion.

Stylist Rachel Zoe loves Alana Hales work 

So until Blake Lively wears your designs, what has been the high point of your fashion career so far?

The highlights of my career so far have been when Paula Abdul wore a look from my Holiday Collection on the season finale of American Idol and when Rachel Zoe reportedly said she “loved my collection.” The American Idol finale was immeasurable exposure and for a brand-new designer a huge honour. Rachel Zoe is a huge force in the industry; she has such influence and style. I hold her opinion in the highest regard. 

Where do you see your designs in 5 years’ time?

What I see evolving within the next 5 years is the connection with my customer, to establish a bond and loyalty. I want my customers to know me and for me to know my customers. In 5 years time I also see the label’s recognition going up significantly, and to eventually be a household name. And lastly, I see the line going global. Within the next 5 years I want my collection to be available to the Alana Hale woman of the US, UK, France, Italy, Japan and Hong Kong.

Wow ambitious! What advice would you give to other aspiring independent designers?
No matter what critics say, stay true to who you are as a designer. An idea that has earned you criticism, can one day be the very thing you become famous for. I am a very strong believer in staying true to my vision. Conforming is the kiss of death.

I would like to wish Alana all the best with her latest collection at London Fashion Week Feb 2011. Personally I'm SO psyched to see what she brings to the show!

Press and buyers wishing to attend the event should contact 

Alana Hale's previous designs can be viewed on her website here

Thursday, 2 December 2010

Cloggs Guest Blog

I was very flattered recently to be invited to guest blog for's 12 Shoes Of Christmas. Click on the image below to read my gushing ode to Doc Martens (well what were you expecting?)

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

MAJINJOO to Showcase at London Fashion Week

Following her roaring success at the prestigious London College of Fashion’s Master’s Degree show, Jin Joo Ma is returning to London for her debut at London Fashion Week with her label, MAJINJOO.

Since graduating from London College of Fashion in 2010 with a master’s degree in womenswear, Korea-based designer Jin Joo Ma has had her graduate collection picked up by many stylists and photographers and has been dubbed “an old meets new clash, culminating in a sophisticated and striking collection.” Her designs displayed a unique style combining rigid glitter pieces and flowing feminine fabrics to create a modern take on power dressing. She described the influence behind the collection as “Mefale”; the ultimate balance of masculinity and femininity. She also took inspiration from ideas of escapism and self-defense, showing a real connection between her influences and their significance in the creative process.

The widespread coverage attained for her graduate collection from respected online publications such as Susie Bubble and Mirror Error is expected to be repeated as MAJINJOO prepares for London Fashion Week 2011.

MAJINJOO will be showcasing her latest work at the Charing Cross Hotel, Strand on Friday 18th February 2011 as part of LGN Events’ flagship off-schedule London Fashion Week show “A La Mode”.

Press and buyers should contact