Monday, 19 July 2010

ASOS Sale for dirty grungers

Marie Claire Magazine just published an article online showing the best buys from the asos summer sale (see it here). I love asos sales, but personally found Marie Claires choices not to my taste. So here are my best grunge/rock buys from the sale:

Leather Zip Slouch bag: WAS £25, NOW £11

ASOS Henry Clog Sandal: WAS £45, NOW £13

Vero Moda Chunky Crop Knit: WAS £16, NOW £10

Religion Stone Wash Skinny Ripped Jeans: WAS £40, NOW £10
Rock Chick Wristwear Set: WAS £20, NOW £7
Plait Side Leggings: WAS £18 NOW £7
Set of Four Stacking Rings: WAS £10, NOW £6

Clear Lens Geeky Sunglasses: WAS £10, NOW £5

Leopard Print Tulle Tights: WAS £10, NOW £3

Grey Beanie: WAS £8, NOW £3
Floral Lace Cuffs: WAS £5, NOW £2

There's TONNES more stuff on there that I'd buy but I wanted to limit how much I put in this blog. If enough people like it I may do another with all the more pricey grungey sale items asos have to offer. But for now, GET BUYING! :D

Drop Dead

I'm loving Bring Me The Horizon frontman Oli Sykes' label Drop Dead

If you haven't been to their new store in Brick Lane, you really should. I saw this dress online back when their website was basic and an actual shop was just an ambition for this brand, but I didn't want to buy it because the model looked a lot slimmer than me and I didn't think I could do it justice. Having tried it on in the shop, I fell in love with it!(I might add this was an interesting experience given I'm 5'5" and I smacked my elbows on the light fitting when getting changed in their teeny tiny little changing room. You can imagine what it was like for my 6'1" boyfriend when he tried on his pacman tshirt....he subsequently bought it regardless of the trauma)

Drop Dead are a pretty cool brand...they have the rocky alternative thing down whilst managing to stay fashionable and not slip into lame emo territory as is so often the case [see Criminal Damage circa 2005 and Iron Fist accessories]

Nice work Oli!

Thursday, 15 July 2010

Show Me Your Wardrobe

Yesterday I was lucky enough to meet the lovely legendary Jackie Dixon in a shoot for Swarovski Crystallized (When I get pics of this, I'll link it). After the Swarovski business was attended to, she asked if I'd like to be shot for her blog Show Me Your Wardrobe. Being a fan, I of course leapt at the opportunity and found myself changing in a back alley in Notting Hill...was thrilling! These are the pics from it...

The Link to her blog is...

I had an awesome time and look forward to working with Ms. Dixon in the future!

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

My boyfriend is a Doctor

My boyfriend is a doctor. His name is Doc Marten, and I'm in love. Seriously now, I own three pairs and, if it weren't for the constraints of a graduate budget, I would own three thousand. I wear theme every day and ADORE them. I have a red pair, a black steel toe pair (which I wear most, and have personalised with a studded boot strap) and a brand spanking new shiny white pair I got for my birthday from my (real) boyfriend.

Happy Feet :)

Doc Martens define my style and I'm a big fan of the brand. But I have a problem with their latest foray into footwear...the pre-scuffed Docs.

The Worn Free collection just doesn't sit right with me. My first pair of docs rubbed and hurt and made me limp and my ankles bleed, but once I'd got past that stage, they became the most heavenly comfortable, perfectly moulded-to-my-feet pair of shoes I have ever owned. The pain was worth it as those shoes are mine and noone else will ever fit them quite like I do. There's a certain pride in that. If you're buying them pre-scuffed and worn, you don't have the traces of that party in a warehouse where you tried to run up a wall. That gash you took out of the toe when you dropped a red hot coat hanger used for toasting marshmallows on it. That perfectly wilted leather at the top eyelets which gives that subtle hint of wear. Worn Free is just like jeans with holes ripped in them; a lie.

Regardless of my disappoint in their latest range, I will continue to buy and wear and love Doc Martens for years, as they are meant to be.

Monday, 12 July 2010

Valery Kovalska at London Fashion Week

Valery showed her first prĂȘt-a-porte collection at Ukrainian Fashion Week 2010, followed by Russian Fashion Week in Moscow. Her “Just Hard Rock’n’Bird” collection was produced using quiet colors with mystical ascents for the dark side of human soul, and took inspiration from bird feathers as well as rock n roll musicians who provide much of her audience. In June 2010, Valery’s second collection “Young Boys’ Games” was shown during Holiday Fashion Week in Odessa (Ukraine).

Valery’s main goal is to create an unforgettable image which fully represents a person’s individuality. Having designed performance outfits for numerous pop and rock acts, Kovalska was the first Ukrainian designer to provide practical and professional outfits for modern dance. She has also been endorsed by TV shows including “Shans” and “Lubov & Musika” as well as the Ukrainian version of American Idol.

This sort of exposure has set her in good stead for an international fashion career, into which her next foray will be the London Fashion Week Show ‘A La Mode,’ taking place at the Charing Cross Hotel on Saturday 18th September 2010.

Valery Kovalska – a designer sure to bring a rock edge to LFW this season.

For tickets and further information, please contact

Sunday, 11 July 2010

G'Day LFW!

Aussie-Born, London-Based Designer Kate Williams to Debut at LFW
Australian raised designer Kate Williams will send her latest collection down the catwalk at the off-schedule official ‘A La Mode’ show at London Fashion Week in September 2010.

Kate’s previous collections have seen a very modern take on women’s fashion. Combining the shiny futuristic qualities of metal with sheer fabrics and lace, she gives the whole “feminine with an edge” look a whole new direction. Kate works with flattering jersey, nylon, cotton, and wool to create a very individual style and aesthetic, often opting for a bold statement accessory or detail in her pieces, whilst still maintaining classic tailoring as the core recipe to her designs.

Having obtained a BFA (Dist) in Fashion Design at the Queensland University of Technology in 2007, Williams crossed the pond to London where she achieved an MA in Fashion Design from the London College of Fashion in 2010. Such a varied background in experience and education in couture, as well as ready-to-wear has accomplished Kate a unique aesthetic which won her a place as a finalist in the Australian Fashion Design Awards 2006, and being offered a position in the Golden Key Honour Society in 2007.

This dedicated go-getter is set to take the fashion industry by storm and her designs have the ability to seriously propel her career.

The ‘A La Mode’ show hosted by La Geneve North Events will take place at the prestigious Charing Cross Hotel in London on 17th-18th September 2010.

For tickets and further information, please contact

Friday, 9 July 2010

Kent Catwalk

Rae Emily Smith of My Fair Lady Lingerie (Blogged before) is organising a charity fashion event in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support

The event requires designers and assistants to raise as much money as possible for the charity which is, in my eyes, an extremely good cause. And a great excuse for a fashion show!

The link is so if you're interested, contact Rae asap :D

Monday, 5 July 2010


Had a peek at the pics below? Wanna see them for real?? Buy your tickets for the A La Mode show in London on 17th-18th September here:

Friday, 2 July 2010

A LA MODE schedule

The A LA MODE show schedule has been announced! EXCITTTEEEEEED :D Click the link to check it out and buy your tickets