Tuesday, 30 November 2010

MAJINJOO to Showcase at London Fashion Week

Following her roaring success at the prestigious London College of Fashion’s Master’s Degree show, Jin Joo Ma is returning to London for her debut at London Fashion Week with her label, MAJINJOO.

Since graduating from London College of Fashion in 2010 with a master’s degree in womenswear, Korea-based designer Jin Joo Ma has had her graduate collection picked up by many stylists and photographers and has been dubbed “an old meets new clash, culminating in a sophisticated and striking collection.” Her designs displayed a unique style combining rigid glitter pieces and flowing feminine fabrics to create a modern take on power dressing. She described the influence behind the collection as “Mefale”; the ultimate balance of masculinity and femininity. She also took inspiration from ideas of escapism and self-defense, showing a real connection between her influences and their significance in the creative process.

The widespread coverage attained for her graduate collection from respected online publications such as Susie Bubble and Mirror Error is expected to be repeated as MAJINJOO prepares for London Fashion Week 2011.

MAJINJOO will be showcasing her latest work at the Charing Cross Hotel, Strand on Friday 18th February 2011 as part of LGN Events’ flagship off-schedule London Fashion Week show “A La Mode”.

Press and buyers should contact sarah@lagenevenorth.co.uk

W: www.lagenevenorthevents.co.uk/

Monday, 29 November 2010

Hollywood glamour at LFW

Edgy LA-based designer Alana Hale will be taking to the stage at LGN Events’ off-schedule London Fashion Week show “A La Mode” in February 2011!

Hailing from Los Angeles, Alana Hale has fantasized about becoming a designer since a very young age. Marketing a line of clutch bags by the age of 9 and working for the family glove business at 15, she has always been surrounded by fashion. Following this she attended FIDM in Los Angeles and studied abroad in the fashion capital of the world, Paris, before returning home to work as an assistant designer for an LA-based contemporary womenswear company.

 Alana started designing under her own label two years ago and recently launched her signature collection at her Holiday 2010 Fashion Show in Los Angeles. Having dressed Paula Abdul for the American Idol Season Finale in 2010, Alana's collection has quickly become a favourite with celebrities and stylists alike. She is currently developing a jewellery line with ice-skating and fashion extraordinaire, Johnny Weir and is credited with "spot on creations that leave you salivating for more!"

Incorporating feathers, netting, and leather and using classic on-trend colour palettes, Alana’s work evokes the edgy glamour Tinsel Town is known for.

Alana Hale can be seen at the Charing Cross Hotel, Strand on Saturday 19th February 2011 from 7.30pm as part of the eagerly anticipated “A La Mode”. Don’t miss this glamorous addition to London Fashion Week!

Press and buyers wishing to attend should contact sarah@lagenevenorth.co.uk

W: www.lagenevenorthevents.co.uk

Sunday, 28 November 2010


 On Friday, I attended the private launch of new website Tout Nouveau. The site which is dedicated to showcasing the talent of some of the best graduate collections is set to launch on Monday and we will all be able to BUY the next emerging designer works before they hit superstardom! Here are some of my favourite pieces from the exhibition:

ABOVE: Gemma Francis. Love this girl's work, SO MEEEE!!! Gemma if you're reading, get in touch ;)

ABOVE: Daisy Newman

 ABOVE: Victoria Jolly

ABOVE: Charlotte Boden

ABOVE: Rachel Browne

ABOVE: Anna Lee (Her work was increidble. Such stunning detail and amazing workmanship)

ABOVE: Kate Atkinson

ABOVE: Natalie Rae

ABOVE: Natasha Wood (All her work is made using reconstructed vintage pieces. These trousers were amazing...made lof lots of leather garments!)

TOUT NOUVEAU launches Monday 29th November. Check it out!

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Candy Nails

I came across this website a couple of months ago and it's just so cute and perfect for a fingernail crisis! Just like specialist website My Tights has everything hosiery-related, this site is dedicated to providing eveyrthing nail related from nail varnishes to nail files, hand creams to home spa goodies! There are a wide range of colours and brands of nail paint on the site including glittery and marbled shades and specialist products that prevent chipping or biting if you're into that (Yuck!!!). There's even a very handy nail studio to try before you buy. You choose your skintone and then try colours out on it to see what goes well and what would suit you. Genius huh?  There are also collections of on-trend shades to easily get your nail fashion fix.
 ABOVE: Scroll to the colour you wnat and all relevant products will appear. Perfect for quick searching!

Their facebook page provides tips on how to get the latest celebrity nail trends and how to care for your talons

Prices range from affordable if you're on a budget but need a decent paint right up to the pricier specialist products. If you're coming to A La Mode in February, look out for discounts from Candy Nails exclusive to guests!

WEBSITE: www.candynails.co.uk

FACEBOOK: Candy Nails

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Wolf & Badger

Last week, whilst on my travels round Notting Hill (being shot for an Armani specs shoot by Jackie Dixon...I'll show you when it's live) I popped into the much talked about Wolf & Badger store on Ledbury Road. The staff were some of the most delightful, refreshing and friendly people I have met in a while! They were so so helpful, eager to chat about the designers they stocked and proud to discuss their business. I highly recommend checking them out if you're in the area.....and if you're not, perhaps you should go there just to see it!

ABOVE: Stuart Richards spider candleholder and AWESOME gold and white skulls. These are amazing I want them!!

ABOVE: The shop has a beautiful layout, so easy to wander round and have a peak at the different collections. And so clean and sharp...very classy.

ABOVE: Me much???

ABOVE: They also stock some delicious posh kidswear. Well, in Notting Hill you'd have to

ABOVE: The way the jewellery cases are designed are so unique they all have lovely little scenes and pieces of driftwood and tress cut out from paper. So so adorable!

ABOVE: These t-shirts, I am told, are very popular and really fly off the shelves. Not sure if it's down to the cool deisgns or the awesome packaging! Who wouldn't want to have all their t-shirts in lovely boxes?

All in all, I truly loved the store! I'm aware I'm gushing but I'd heard a lot about it and knew it would appeal to me as I am a true lover of up and coming designers, (hence I work in emerging talent fashion shows!). What they told me about their services for their designers really made me feel like they know exactly what they are talking about, they care and are providing new these talented individuals with advice and guidance on their collections.

Check out @wolfandbadger on twitter. Said birdie just informed me their online store will be launching next week...wild horses and all that!

Monday, 8 November 2010

These are a few of my favourite blings

*DISCLAIMER: Apologies for my increasingly cringeworthy blog post titles...I'm starting to think I was meant to be a cheap tabloid journo!*

I've been pouring over some of my favourite jewellery designers lately and, being completely broke, I thought instead of creating massive debt for myself by actually buying any of these lovely, delicate, pretty things (sob), I would just blog about them and depress myself further! Good plan huh?? (I'm okay really before you start sending me links to the priory). So here are my current favourite jewellery brands...


This Aussie designers incorporates eveyrday items into his largely silver based jewellery designs. This is an idea I can totally get behind, being someone who's fashioned earrings out of jigsaw puzzles and a necklace using nuts and bolts (maybe I'll show you one day.)

Also, the photographic direction and styling has to have it's own mention, love the grungey nature of it! So refreshing compared to the normal pretty girl in a wind machine with her hands strategically pointing towards her neck...


I only came across this designer very recently but her work is awesome and has already been snapped up by the likes of Gaga (or her stylists...) and Rihanna.

Loooove it all. Another of her cunning styles was included in my previous post...check it out.


I discovered Tina's work when I was browsing the boutiques in the Brighton Lanes shortly before my birthday this year. Boyfriend of the year bought me the CUTEST necklace which I have since (unasheamedly) names Cedric :) He's a little shite skull with a silver FREAKIN TASH! And he has lots of friends with other silver accessories such as an arrow through the head, grillz, a flower in his mouth and many others. Here are some of Tina's designs:

Tina's got such an individual style the elements of which just seem so perfectly in tune, this designer clearly has sheer talent in styling and constructing her jewellery. I can't wait to see what she brings out next! Check out the rest of her designs on her website as I haven't included every item in her range.


I discovered this brand at a press day for Push PR. I'm not a massive fan of their glitzier stuff but in fairness, they do glitzy with more edge than most brands.

I have looooads more jewellery designers I'm into but I think that's enough for one email. I will post about small enterprises next week as I've come across a number of lovely little handmade jewelery designers who trade online and at craft fairs...keep your eyes peeled :)

If I have missed any rules or regs regarding any imes in this post, please contact me at sarah.warman@gmail.com and I will take them down.