Sunday, 28 November 2010


 On Friday, I attended the private launch of new website Tout Nouveau. The site which is dedicated to showcasing the talent of some of the best graduate collections is set to launch on Monday and we will all be able to BUY the next emerging designer works before they hit superstardom! Here are some of my favourite pieces from the exhibition:

ABOVE: Gemma Francis. Love this girl's work, SO MEEEE!!! Gemma if you're reading, get in touch ;)

ABOVE: Daisy Newman

 ABOVE: Victoria Jolly

ABOVE: Charlotte Boden

ABOVE: Rachel Browne

ABOVE: Anna Lee (Her work was increidble. Such stunning detail and amazing workmanship)

ABOVE: Kate Atkinson

ABOVE: Natalie Rae

ABOVE: Natasha Wood (All her work is made using reconstructed vintage pieces. These trousers were amazing...made lof lots of leather garments!)

TOUT NOUVEAU launches Monday 29th November. Check it out!


  1. oo love the Charlotte Bowden and Rachel Browne stuff!! xx

  2. YES! They were all so amazing, Anna Lee's work was astounding, I never would have guessed she's just graduated. Check out the site tomorrow!


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