Thursday, 25 November 2010

Candy Nails

I came across this website a couple of months ago and it's just so cute and perfect for a fingernail crisis! Just like specialist website My Tights has everything hosiery-related, this site is dedicated to providing eveyrthing nail related from nail varnishes to nail files, hand creams to home spa goodies! There are a wide range of colours and brands of nail paint on the site including glittery and marbled shades and specialist products that prevent chipping or biting if you're into that (Yuck!!!). There's even a very handy nail studio to try before you buy. You choose your skintone and then try colours out on it to see what goes well and what would suit you. Genius huh?  There are also collections of on-trend shades to easily get your nail fashion fix.
 ABOVE: Scroll to the colour you wnat and all relevant products will appear. Perfect for quick searching!

Their facebook page provides tips on how to get the latest celebrity nail trends and how to care for your talons

Prices range from affordable if you're on a budget but need a decent paint right up to the pricier specialist products. If you're coming to A La Mode in February, look out for discounts from Candy Nails exclusive to guests!


FACEBOOK: Candy Nails

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