Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Wolf & Badger

Last week, whilst on my travels round Notting Hill (being shot for an Armani specs shoot by Jackie Dixon...I'll show you when it's live) I popped into the much talked about Wolf & Badger store on Ledbury Road. The staff were some of the most delightful, refreshing and friendly people I have met in a while! They were so so helpful, eager to chat about the designers they stocked and proud to discuss their business. I highly recommend checking them out if you're in the area.....and if you're not, perhaps you should go there just to see it!

ABOVE: Stuart Richards spider candleholder and AWESOME gold and white skulls. These are amazing I want them!!

ABOVE: The shop has a beautiful layout, so easy to wander round and have a peak at the different collections. And so clean and sharp...very classy.

ABOVE: Me much???

ABOVE: They also stock some delicious posh kidswear. Well, in Notting Hill you'd have to

ABOVE: The way the jewellery cases are designed are so unique they all have lovely little scenes and pieces of driftwood and tress cut out from paper. So so adorable!

ABOVE: These t-shirts, I am told, are very popular and really fly off the shelves. Not sure if it's down to the cool deisgns or the awesome packaging! Who wouldn't want to have all their t-shirts in lovely boxes?

All in all, I truly loved the store! I'm aware I'm gushing but I'd heard a lot about it and knew it would appeal to me as I am a true lover of up and coming designers, (hence I work in emerging talent fashion shows!). What they told me about their services for their designers really made me feel like they know exactly what they are talking about, they care and are providing new these talented individuals with advice and guidance on their collections.

Check out @wolfandbadger on twitter. Said birdie just informed me their online store will be launching next week...wild horses and all that!

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