Wednesday, 14 July 2010

My boyfriend is a Doctor

My boyfriend is a doctor. His name is Doc Marten, and I'm in love. Seriously now, I own three pairs and, if it weren't for the constraints of a graduate budget, I would own three thousand. I wear theme every day and ADORE them. I have a red pair, a black steel toe pair (which I wear most, and have personalised with a studded boot strap) and a brand spanking new shiny white pair I got for my birthday from my (real) boyfriend.

Happy Feet :)

Doc Martens define my style and I'm a big fan of the brand. But I have a problem with their latest foray into footwear...the pre-scuffed Docs.

The Worn Free collection just doesn't sit right with me. My first pair of docs rubbed and hurt and made me limp and my ankles bleed, but once I'd got past that stage, they became the most heavenly comfortable, perfectly moulded-to-my-feet pair of shoes I have ever owned. The pain was worth it as those shoes are mine and noone else will ever fit them quite like I do. There's a certain pride in that. If you're buying them pre-scuffed and worn, you don't have the traces of that party in a warehouse where you tried to run up a wall. That gash you took out of the toe when you dropped a red hot coat hanger used for toasting marshmallows on it. That perfectly wilted leather at the top eyelets which gives that subtle hint of wear. Worn Free is just like jeans with holes ripped in them; a lie.

Regardless of my disappoint in their latest range, I will continue to buy and wear and love Doc Martens for years, as they are meant to be.

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