Friday, 7 January 2011


I have put together a little review of some my favourite fashion websites' sales. (Apologies for the delay with this post to those of you who were expecting it sooner!) Below are collages of some of the items in each store's sales with ratings (out of 10) which rank their:

- VARIETY - The amount of different lines and items in the sale
- PRICE - The size of discounts applied to goods
- QUANTITY - The size of the sale as a whole
- OVERALL - A mark for how good the sale was based on how much I wanted to buy (or did buy!)

Let me know if you bought anything from any of the sales this year, personally I was quite disappointed!



A number of Meadham Kirchoff dresses and Marios tops made their way into the sale along with a few other designer additions to Topshop's offering. The pricing of the goods was on the whole reasonably low. There were substantial discounts off of a lot of items including dresses reduced from £160 to £50 and tops down from £240 to £100. The sale was however, unfortunately, not to my taste and included a lot of very bland mainstream items. In the past I have been amazed at the amount of cool, edgy pieces left in the sale but Topshop was a tad disappointing this time around for such styles.

- VARIETY - 3/10

- PRICE - 8/10

- QUANTITY - 8/10

- OVERALL - 6/10

TOTAL         25/40



Overall, I have to say, ASOS sales always get me, and this was no exception! I bought myself a nice couple of tube skirts, one with an awesome galaxy print (see outfit post coming soon!). The sale is always extensive when it comes to this site, they have a huge offering that far exceeds that of any of it's competitors and that goes some way to explaining why the sale is always so big. The prices, however, are not huge reductions. Pieces which were originally reasonably cheap, (which is what ASOS started with all the years ago!), will go down to tiny prices but if you didn't want to pay a rather miniscule price for it beforehand, why would you pay now? The designer items come down so far but not far enough for some of us mere mortals. They must be congratualted, however, on their ability to provide such a huge variety of items and styles to suit all budgets and images. Their delivery system is also impeccable with a great support base who are very vocal on social networking sites, making you feel certain you can sort out a probem should one arise.

- VARIETY - 9/10

- PRICE - 6/10

- QUANTITY - 10/10

- OVERALL - 8 /10

TOTAL              33/40



I love this quirky jewellery and accessories brand and was very pleased to find that they were holding a fair sized sales for their considerably small range. A couple of the items included are event or phase related items (such as the fireworks) but they are largely interesting, valued, quality items so I was very pleased to come across this sale! Most of the prices are discounted as half of the original price which for a brand whose products on average tend to cost upwards of £20, is very good. I only wish the name necklaces were in the sale!!!!!

- VARIETY - 7/10

- PRICE - 8/10

- QUANTITY - 7/10

- OVERALL - 8/10

TOTAL             30/40

I could have done a couple more reviews but generally the brands I shop with beyond these are more niche market so perhaps next week I will do best of the rest in the alternative sectors. Let me know if you think you'd appreciate that! I also wanted to limit it to brands I deal with as I wouldn't want to promote the services of a brand which I had not dealt directly with myself. I have had good experiences with all the brands reviewed here and will happily shop with them again in the future...(perhaps the very near future seeing as I've just been scouring their sales!!!)


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  1. Glad you liked our sale! Thank you for including us on your blog.

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