Thursday, 26 August 2010

Swarovski and me

Last night I attended a Grazia Daily event at the Swarovski Crystallized store on Great Marlborough Street. It was pissing it down with rain and the atmosphere in London was pretty dreary, especially for August! However, I managed to bring some sparkle back into my day by spending some money in the Swarovski store. They were offering 15% off for the night and lavished us with 2 glasses of champers each and all the florentines and strawberries we could manage! DELICIOUS! Below are some images of my purchases (I spent a grand total of just under £150 and bought a necklace, 2 bracelets and a ring! BARGAIN!!)

This necklace was a DIY jobby, so I got to choose which chain I wanted (chunkiest available, obviously) and a charm to add to it. The charm was £16 and the chain was £42 so this necklace cost a total of £58 which I think it incredible value for a Silver and crystal Swarovski product!

I LOVE these bracelets! They're a steal for £30 each and come in a huge range of different coloured crystals and straps. They popper on and off so no fiddly clasps and they look really chic yet casual...hard to achieve! You can buy two different colours of this product here on the swarovski pop up store online (which I am currently modelling for!)

The lovely shop assistant at the store helped me choose this ring which is intended to be worn stacked with other colours of the same style. It came in classic crystal, black diamond, this midnight blue shade, a pinky shade and an opal crystal. They're only £24 each but I decided to hold back and limit myself to just one ring ;) You can get these at the online pop up store too here.

ABOVE: The full arm combo (Nail ring from Asos and olive wood ring from a market in Mallorca)

I'm not normally a sparkly person, I like matte finishes and grubby jewellery (hence the wood and nail rings!) But the new swarovski stuff is just gorgeous. I want to the event with Terri and Yolande who I work with and although we all have very different styles and tastes, we all managed to find something we liked. SUCCESS! Well done Swarovski, nice repositioning ;)

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