Monday, 9 August 2010

Ones to watch...

So I thought, (after a short period off awol...SORRY!!!), that I would post a blog about up and coming talent and names to look out for.

First up, ZARA MARTIN:

This stunning little star of half Indian, half British descent is rapidly gaining popularity as the hottest new face of the small screen. I was lucky enough to meet Ms. Martin at a recent Swarovski shoot collaboration with Jackie Dixon and she was utterly delightful. She's sweet, friendly and I was seduced by her delectably lovely rich voice - perfect for her career path! Zara is set to host this year's London Fashion Week at Somerset House, and look out for her yet to be revealed Bodyamr collection. We wait with baited breath Zara!

Next up? RUMI NEELY:

This beautiful model has been making a name for herself online as blogger du jour. She is the face of Forever 21 (WHEN oh WHEN will Forever 21 come to the UK?? If anyone knows...tell me!!) and reports back from her various expeditions all over the world for other modelling jobs. Her impeccably edgy yet naturally effortless style grabbed me from the moment I first laid eyes on fashiontoast (her blog) and she is definitely going to become a globally recognised name. You mark my words UK!


Rhiannon Jones is, as her fashion brands name might suggest, Bolshie. I saw her in person at a party for the magazine Random back in July and her day to day (or at least evening) attire is just as crazy as the above image would suggest. A real life London-Lady-Gaga, (i.e. gaga but with the style and edge of Britain's most genuinely trendy city), Rhiannon is a fashion designer. Obviously her designs aren't for the faint-hearted but this name is definitely one to look out for. Her drastic take on fashion incorporates bold prints, bright colours and dacapitated Barbie Dolls. And at the tender age of 17, Bolshie is cool. End of.

My final one to watch would be me! Currently carving a name for myself in the fashion industry, I am an edgy, metal loving marketing grad currently looking for work in fashion PR, magazine work and events. If you're interested in finding out anything more about me, please feel free to email me at :)

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