Tuesday, 31 August 2010

Don't Look Back In Anger

I've been diggin' nostalgia for years, it was the theme to my college art and design final project and also my BA Hons dissertation. For this reason I've decided to start a nostalgic blog post for every season showing which historic trends are in.

The surge in popularity of retro chic shows such as Mad Man combined with the simplistic functionality route that fashion is currently redirecting to seem to have given rise to a nostalgic 1950's theme in today's trends. Proof? Here are my top 3 nostaligc trends:

1. My favourite trend and THE hottest jacket for AW10/11, the shearling, screams of Amelia Earhart (in a very post-war washing powder ad plummy British Accent). I love the story and mystery surrounding Amelia and this jacket completely evokes the same air of suspense and cold midnight air associated with her memory.

2. The Betty Paige fringe is back. It's not the coolest look ever, and it takes a certain personality (and face shape) to pull it off, but when something's in, suddenly it'll develop a renewed coolness and everyone will be trying it.

3. 50's dresses and the calf length cut. This is something I'm rather sceptical about given my stunted height and suspicion of dainty shoes. I'll be giving the cinched waist and wide skirt a go for sure, but I do wonder whether petite girls can pull it off as well as our taller longer legged counterparts. As for the shoes, noone's going to let me get away with a big Sandra Dee dress and Doc Martens are they......?

Look out for my next retro post next season...I'm predicting 90's rave gear and Spice Girl patriotism. You have been warned...

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